2002-08-15  Jacob Laursen 

    * Initial version.

    * Basic filtering/logging - separate logs accessible from WWW.

    * Added TCP/IP client/server to pop up a MessageBox on any
      Windows system when detecting incoming calls.

2002-08-23  Jacob Laursen 

    * Now sends a mail on incoming call.

2002-08-28  Jacob Laursen 

    * Added "on the fly" Krak lookup (web service to look up phone
      numbers). Updated Windows server to cope with this.

    * Added command line option to look up phone numbers directly,
      without any daemon functionality.

    * Improved layout of the mails sent out.

2002-08-29  Jacob Laursen 

    * Added MySQL interface - looked up numbers are now cached in
      a database table.

2002-08-31  Jacob Laursen 

    * Enabled MySQL logging (another table).

    * Improved Krak parser - now separates first/last name and

    * Added command line option to fake an incoming call.

    * Source improvements/cleanups.

2002-09-02  Jacob Laursen 

    * Initial version of PHP web interface. For now joins a couple
      of tables, showing the incoming call history. Using a small
      form, it's possible to specify the date range to show.

2002-09-03  Jacob Laursen 

    * Web: Added column sorting (ascending/descending) on the incoming
      call history.

    * Web: Added user interface for updating/inserting caller records.

2002-09-04  Jacob Laursen 

    * Daemon: Added command line option "--fetch" to look up a
      number on Krak and save it in the database.

    * Web: The edit page now makes use of the fetch option. Just enter
      a number and click 'Krak' - voila, the information is retrieved
      and put into the form.

    * Web: Added some icons on the history page.

2002-09-05  Jacob Laursen 

    * Web: Fancier "Get from Krak" functionality on edit page.

    * Web: Added delete button on edit page.

    * Daemon: When using the "--fetch" option and the number is
      successfully retrieved, any already existing record will be

2002-09-08  Jacob Laursen 

    * Web: Implemented login/access system, which replaces the
      htpasswd method. Login is now done entirely through HTML,
      featuring logout and session timeout (10 minutes).

2002-09-09  Jacob Laursen 

    * Website is now secure (through OpenSSL/mod_ssl). You'll have
      to trust the www.vindvejr.dk certificate. :)

    * Web: Cleaned up the menu - it's now dynamically generated
      based on access rights and login status.

2002-09-11  Jacob Laursen 

    * Web: Delete button in history view is now operational (without
      any confirmation requesters).

2002-09-16  Jacob Laursen 

    * Web: It's now possible to change password.

2002-09-22  Jacob Laursen 

    * Daemon: Now actually looks in the database before attempting to
      look up numbers on the web. Thus, manually edited records are now
      shown in mails and popups.